floating asylum – a response to rising water levels [competition]. The architectural proposal introduces a floating concrete cube, a structure that stands as a symbol of resilience and adaptation. A new habitat envisioning a future where humanity can survive. It represents a beacon of hope, showcasing the possibility of coexistence between humanity and the environment in the face of adversity. A project by Julia & Felix Redmann

observation cabins – a concept for a nature reservoir at the coast of Italy [competition].

Culture Factory: Reclaiming the Space Between – Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, remains divided into northern and southern parts after conflicts in the 60s/70s, with the UN establishing a "cease-fire line" or "Green Line" through the historic Venetian town. Despite the existing buildings, decay has left its mark. The concept aims to temporarily utilize the middle area of Nicosia's historical core, transforming it into a space open to society. Minimal interventions will catalyze this transformation through cultural activities, utilizing the surrounding walls to create an inner space. This area, accessible only through the Ledras Street border crossing, is envisioned as a multifunctional public space. The design employs an adaptable, simplified structure with expanded metal mesh roofing, providing shade while allowing filtered sunlight. This elevated construction not only enhances the interior space but also visually separates it from existing walls, showcasing distinct architectural elements.

six towers and a plinth – transforming a social housing project in Brussles [summerschool ghent; Marie, Lorenzo, Joaquín & Felix Redmann].

building with snow & ice – The installation harnesses the contrasting qualities of an exceptionally brittle yet robust material: ice. Over 12-20 hours, plates of various sizes were frozen within frameworks and strategically arranged among the trees. The layering of these semi-transparent ice plates resulted in a rhythmic and structured composition. The individuality of each shape was accentuated by artificial lighting, adding to the overall uniqueness of the installation. [Heike, Amelie, Viktoria & Felix Redmann]

Urban, large, variable, and visible infrastructures and their continuous change are explained. The film is intended to answer questions such as: Where do we meet as urban resident's infrastructure? Public transport, roads, residential buildings, urban lighting, or lighting are sometimes elements of a much larger network of urban structures. A film by Maria Groiss and Felix Redmann, relates to the topic of urban infrastructure in Vienna. In collaboration with Katja Schechtner (MIT) 

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