The photo series entitled "where DREAMS are at home" embarks on a journey to explore and document the very personal retreats of various people. Each carefully captured photograph becomes a mirror reflecting the essence of those who animate these places. They are more than mere snapshots - they are windows into the inner worlds of the protagonists that go beyond the tangible.These personal retreats become melting pots of emotion, growth, and transformation. The individual experiences, lived dreams and intimate moments reveal the complex connections to those spaces in which vulnerability and authenticity thrive.

This does not have to be tied to a specific physical location but instead identifies as the place to which the protagonists develop a deeply personal relationship, be it their own bedroom, a busy corner of the city, or a quiet spot in the middle of nature. It is a testament to the unique relationship each protagonist fosters, an emotional connection that makes these spaces a true embodiment of "home".

A tribute to the havens of the soul, the hidden realms where desires, memories, and feelings are intertwined, and the unspoken stories they embody.

Participants: Benji, Christian, Emilio, Johanna, Karl, Katherina, Lena, Lisa & Therese, Marco, Mona, Sophie, Susanne, Svenja, Teresa, Theo, Tobias

exhibition  31 Aug –– 02 Sep  2023

Glatzgasse 4, Wien 19
31.08.   19h Vernissage
01.09.   16 – 19h
02.09.   16 – 19h

(c) Felix Redmann 2023