Felix Redmann *1993 is a former Vienna-based architecture student and photographer. In 2018, he broadened his experiences with an internship at a New York furniture and design showroom. Graduating from the TU Wien in 2022, his diploma project, titled »Land schafft Stadt«, explored the interrelationship between urban–rural properties by transforming a former Vienna railway site into an innovative urban scenario. Beyond architecture, he developed a passion for analog photography, using it to capture urban scenes and convey unique atmospheres and narratives.

Currently employed in an architecture studio, he continues working on various photography series. He eagerly anticipates engaging in new opportunities, projects, and collaborations with interesting topics and lovely people.

He also has an email & instagram.

»where DREAMS are at home«
☞ »On Site – architecture & photography«
☞ »HörProgramm« – an archive of speeches on 100 years of women at the TU Vienna

☞ participant Archdiploma'23: »Land schafft Stadt«
☞ Baunetz Campus: Kontraste – Call for Models
☞ KoozArch: »Land schafft Stadt«
☞ guest talk at University of Applied Arts on the urban-rural dichotomy
☞ diploma at TU Wien: »Land schafft Stadt«

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