reclaiming the space between
Nicosia (Greek Lefkosía / Turkish Lefkoşa) the capital of Cyprus divided after recurring conflicts in the 60s / 70s into northern and southern parts. The United Nations was intervening in the conflicts and a "cease-fire line" was established. This Buffer Zone, later called “Green Line“ goes through the middle of the Venetian town. The buildings are still existing today, but the decay leaves its traces.


The concept is to use the area in the middle of Nicosia's historical core temporarily. The goal is to open the space up to society, so they are able to reclaim this territory for themselves. Only a few interventions should serve as a catalyst and start this process with cultural activities and programs. The surrounding walls remain and form an inner space. This space is seen as a medium for multifunctionality and should transform the interior into a public place for the inhabitants and visitors. The only entry is located at the border crossing Ledrasstreet to ensure that the people get in from a neutral area.


The design idea is to create a simplified structure that has a shading option and is adaptable to every spatial situation. The expanded metal mesh is used as the roofing material. It shades the space underneath it but also leaves sunlight slightly through. The elevated construction creates a higher ceiling inside and is detached from the existing walls making the different architectural operations visual.

(c) Felix Redmann 2023